Various describes several different kinds of things, like a candy shop that is home to various sweets, from lollipops to chocolate fudge.


Different; diverse; several; manifold; as, men of various names; various occupations; various colors.

Adjective S.
of many different kinds purposefully arranged but lacking any uniformity; "assorted sizes"; "his disguises are many and various"; "various experiments have failed to disprove the theory"; "cited various reasons for his behavior"

Adjective S.
distinctly dissimilar or unlike; "diverse parts of the country"; "celebrities as diverse as Bob Hope and Bob Dylan"; "animals as various as the jaguar and the cavy and the sloth"

Adjective S.
having great diversity or variety; "his various achievements are impressive"; "his vast and versatile erudition"

Different; diverse; several; manifold; as, men of various names; various occupations; various colors.

Changeable; uncertain; inconstant; variable.

Variegated; diversified; not monotonous.


Va"ri*ous , a. [L. varius. Cf. Vair.] 1. Different; diverse; several; manifold; as, men of various names; various occupations; various colors.
So many and so various laws are given.
A wit as various, gay, grave, sage, or wild.
2. Changeable; uncertain; inconstant; variable.
A man so various, that he seemed to be Not one, but all mankind's epitome.
The names of mixed modes . . . are very various.
3. Variegated; diversified; not monotonous.
A happy rural seat of various view.

Different; diverse; several; manifold; as, men of various names; various occupations; various colors.


Usage Examples

After all my various relationships I find myself now home alone.

Because most people are not sufficiently employed in themselves, they run about loose, hungering for employment, and satisfy themselves in various supererogatory occupations. The easiest of these occupations, which have all to do with making things already made, is the making of people: it is called the art of friendship.

Before breaking into music, I had various jobs: forklift driver, driving a courier. But I was forced into working rather than doing it off my own bat because that was my dad's way: you got a job and paid your way.

As far as thinking about death and murder and various ways of killing people and how people die... I probably have the most twisted mind in Slayer.

As the true object of education is not to render the pupil the mere copy of his preceptor, it is rather to be rejoiced in, than lamented, that various reading should lead him into new trains of thinking.

An adolescent is somebody who is in between things. A teenager is somebody who's kind of permanently there. And so living with them through the various teenage hopes and sorrows and joys was curiously enough a maturing experience for me.

As a chef, I had started working with groups like Share Our Strength and various local food banks in New York, raising money for hunger-related issues. And not only me, but the entire restaurant industry has been very focused on this issue.

As a freelance writer, I'd be asked to become an expert for various magazines on any subject, whether food or wine or history or the life span of veterinarians. I was completely unschooled in any of these things.

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Other Usage Examples

And though various organizations in America and England collected money and sent food parcels to these refugees, nothing was ever received by the Spanish.

As different streams having different sources all mingle their waters in the sea, so different tendencies, various though they appear, crooked or straight, all lead to God.

All history has been a history of class struggles between dominated classes at various stages of social development.

Be curious, learn and read as much as you can about food. Don't worry about making money. Focus on learning at various venues before you settle down for a steady position.

As a part of preparing those lawsuits, learning about those lawsuits, I learned about the various nuclear issues in parts of the nuclear production process I guess you'd say.

Bad acting comes in many bags, various odors. It can be performed by cardboard refugees from an Ed Wood movie, reciting their dialogue off an eye chart, or by hopped-up pros looking to punch a hole through the fourth wall from pure ballistic force of personality, like Joe Pesci in a bad mood. I can respect bad acting that owns its own style.

1988 I also received from the city of Vienna the cross of honour for art and science. These titles and the various honors mean a great deal to me, most of all for the reason that they would mean a great deal to my parents too.

As I visited the various neighborhoods in the campaign, I learned fast that it's a mistake to think that all of the wisdom and possible solutions to our problems are available only in this building.


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