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About Us

The company works with a team of experts based in France, Russia, China, Germany, the US and the UK. Dictionarys.net combines high-level consulting and project management with standard productivity tools electronic dictionaries, instant translation software, professional solutions for corporate translation management.

Dictionarys.net is the world’s leading digital dictionary. We provide millions of English definitions, spellings, audio pronunciations, example sentences, and word origins. Dictionarys.net’s main, proprietary source is the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, which is continually updated by our team of experienced lexicographers and supplemented with trusted, established sources including American Heritage and Harper Collins to support a range of language needs.

Dictionarys.net also offers a translation service, a Word of the Day, a crossword solver, and a wealth of editorial content that benefit the advanced word lover and the English language student alike.

Websites come in different genres: blogs, social networking sites, corporate brochure-like sites and so on. Dictionary websites constitute their own genre too. What distinguishes dictionary websites from others is the relative structural complexity of dictionary entries in comparison to other text types such as news articles, and the prominence of search functionality on dictionary websites.

Dictionarys.net is the easiest-to-use online dictionary. It is a dictionary you can understand with lots of tools to help you choose your words precisely, understand a word, avoid usage pitfalls and be confident in your use of words. Dictionarys.net is a comprehensive reference site. To add to your knowledge and understanding of words and grammar.


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