Communicated in words


Adjective S.
communicated in words; "frequently uttered sentiments"

imp. & p. p.
of Utter


Usage Examples

What is uttered from the heart alone, Will win the hearts of others to your own.

Such is the miraculous nature of the future of exiles: what is first uttered in the impotence of an overheated apartment becomes the fate of nations.

I am told that the first comprehensible word I uttered as a child was 'home.'

Misspelled Form

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Other Usage Examples

It is not difficult for me to have this faith, for it is incontrovertible that where there is a plan there is intelligence - an orderly, unfolding universe testifies to the truth of the most majestic statement ever uttered - 'In the beginning, God.'

So far as I know, anything worth hearing is not usually uttered at seven o'clock in the morning and if it is, it will generally be repeated at a more reasonable hour for a larger and more wakeful audience.

Truth uttered before its time is always dangerous.

Few of the many wise apothegms which have been uttered have prevented a single foolish action.


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