Alt. of Spheric


Adjective S.
having the shape of a sphere or ball; "a spherical object"; "nearly orbicular in shape"; "little globular houses like mud-wasp nests"- Zane Grey

of or relating to spheres or resembling a sphere; "spherical geometry"

Alt. of Spheric


Usage Examples
Misspelled Form

spherical, aspherical, wspherical, espherical, dspherical, xspherical, zspherical, apherical, wpherical, epherical, dpherical, xpherical, zpherical, sapherical, swpherical, sepherical, sdpherical, sxpherical, szpherical, sopherical, s0pherical, slpherical, soherical, s0herical, slherical, spoherical, sp0herical, splherical, spgherical, spyherical, spuherical, spjherical, spnherical, spgerical, spyerical, spuerical, spjerical, spnerical, sphgerical, sphyerical, sphuerical, sphjerical, sphnerical, sphwerical, sph3erical, sph4erical, sphrerical, sphserical, sphderical, sphwrical, sph3rical, sph4rical, sphrrical, sphsrical, sphdrical, sphewrical, sphe3rical, sphe4rical, spherrical, sphesrical, sphedrical, spheerical, sphe4rical, sphe5rical, sphetrical, sphefrical, spheeical, sphe4ical, sphe5ical, sphetical, sphefical, sphereical, spher4ical, spher5ical, sphertical, spherfical, spheruical, spher8ical, spher9ical, spheroical, spherjical, spherkical, spherucal, spher8cal, spher9cal, spherocal, spherjcal, spherkcal, spheriucal, spheri8cal, spheri9cal, spheriocal, spherijcal, spherikcal, spherixcal, spheridcal, spherifcal, spherivcal, spheri cal, spherixal, spheridal, spherifal, spherival, spheri al, sphericxal, sphericdal, sphericfal, sphericval, spheric al, sphericqal, sphericwal, sphericsal, sphericzal, sphericql, sphericwl, sphericsl, sphericzl, sphericaql, sphericawl, sphericasl, sphericazl, sphericakl, sphericaol, sphericapl, spherica:l, sphericak, sphericao, sphericap, spherica:, sphericalk, sphericalo, sphericalp, spherical:.


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