Use the adjective shapely to describe someone whose body has an attractive shape. You might start going to the gym to run and lift weights with the goal of becoming more shapely.


Well-formed; having a regular shape; comely; symmetrical.

having a well-proportioned and pleasing shape; "a slim waist and shapely legs"

Well-formed; having a regular shape; comely; symmetrical.

Fit; suitable.


Shape"ly, a. [Compar. Shapelier ; superl. Shapeliest.] 1. Well-formed; having a regular shape; comely; symmetrical. T. Warton.
Waste sandy valleys, once perplexed with thorn, The spiry fir and shapely box adorn.
Where the shapely column stood.
2. Fit; suitable. [Obs.]
Shaply for to be an alderman.

Well-formed; having a regular shape; comely; symmetrical.


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