Of or relating to William Shakespeare or his works


Of, pertaining to, or in the style of, Shakespeare or his works.

of or relating to William Shakespeare or his works; "Shakespearean plays"

Of, pertaining to, or in the style of, Shakespeare or his works.


Shake*spear"e*an , a. Of, pertaining to, or in the style of, Shakespeare or his works. [Written also Shakespearian, Shakspearean, Shakspearian, Shaksperean, Shaksperian.etc.]

Of, pertaining to, or in the style of, Shakespeare or his works.


Usage Examples

A Shakespearean tragedy as so far considered may be called a story of exceptional calamity leading to the death of a man in high estate. But it is clearly much more than this, and we have now to regard it from another side.

Misspelled Form

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Other Usage Examples

In approaching our subject it will be best, without attempting to shorten the path by referring to famous theories of the drama, to start directly from the facts, and to collect from them gradually an idea of Shakespearean Tragedy.

It is jazz music that called me to be a musician and I have always sang the songs that moved me the most. Singers, like Frank Sinatra and myself, we interpret the songs that we like. Not unlike a Shakespearean actor that goes back to the greatest words ever written, we go back to the greatest songs.


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