Sometimes you're so hungry you feel like you could eat a ten course meal. Other times it takes just a small salad to sate your appetite, or to satisfy your hunger.


Adjective S.
fed beyond capacity or desire

imp. & p. p.
of Sate


Usage Examples
Misspelled Form

sated, asated, wsated, esated, dsated, xsated, zsated, aated, wated, eated, dated, xated, zated, saated, swated, seated, sdated, sxated, szated, sqated, swated, ssated, szated, sqted, swted, ssted, szted, saqted, sawted, sasted, sazted, sarted, sa5ted, sa6ted, sayted, sagted, sared, sa5ed, sa6ed, sayed, saged, satred, sat5ed, sat6ed, satyed, satged, satwed, sat3ed, sat4ed, satred, satsed, satded, satwd, sat3d, sat4d, satrd, satsd, satdd, satewd, sate3d, sate4d, saterd, satesd, satedd, satesd, sateed, satefd, satexd, satecd, sates, satee, satef, satex, satec, sateds, satede, satedf, satedx, satedc.


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