Shaped in the form of the letter S


Adjective S.
shaped in the form of the letter S


Usage Examples
Misspelled Form

s-shaped, as-shaped, ws-shaped, es-shaped, ds-shaped, xs-shaped, zs-shaped, a-shaped, w-shaped, e-shaped, d-shaped, x-shaped, z-shaped, sa-shaped, sw-shaped, se-shaped, sd-shaped, sx-shaped, sz-shaped, s0-shaped, s+-shaped, sp-shaped, s{-shaped, s0shaped, s+shaped, spshaped, s{shaped, s-0shaped, s-+shaped, s-pshaped, s-{shaped, s-ashaped, s-wshaped, s-eshaped, s-dshaped, s-xshaped, s-zshaped, s-ahaped, s-whaped, s-ehaped, s-dhaped, s-xhaped, s-zhaped, s-sahaped, s-swhaped, s-sehaped, s-sdhaped, s-sxhaped, s-szhaped, s-sghaped, s-syhaped, s-suhaped, s-sjhaped, s-snhaped, s-sgaped, s-syaped, s-suaped, s-sjaped, s-snaped, s-shgaped, s-shyaped, s-shuaped, s-shjaped, s-shnaped, s-shqaped, s-shwaped, s-shsaped, s-shzaped, s-shqped, s-shwped, s-shsped, s-shzped, s-shaqped, s-shawped, s-shasped, s-shazped, s-shaoped, s-sha0ped, s-shalped, s-shaoed, s-sha0ed, s-shaled, s-shapoed, s-shap0ed, s-shapled, s-shapwed, s-shap3ed, s-shap4ed, s-shapred, s-shapsed, s-shapded, s-shapwd, s-shap3d, s-shap4d, s-shaprd, s-shapsd, s-shapdd, s-shapewd, s-shape3d, s-shape4d, s-shaperd, s-shapesd, s-shapedd, s-shapesd, s-shapeed, s-shapefd, s-shapexd, s-shapecd, s-shapes, s-shapee, s-shapef, s-shapex, s-shapec, s-shapeds, s-shapede, s-shapedf, s-shapedx, s-shapedc.


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