A prefix is affix that's added in front of a word and often changes the meaning of it. Common prefixes include re , un , and mis .


imp. & p. p.
of Prefix


Usage Examples
Misspelled Form

prefixed, oprefixed, 0prefixed, lprefixed, orefixed, 0refixed, lrefixed, porefixed, p0refixed, plrefixed, perefixed, p4refixed, p5refixed, ptrefixed, pfrefixed, peefixed, p4efixed, p5efixed, ptefixed, pfefixed, preefixed, pr4efixed, pr5efixed, prtefixed, prfefixed, prwefixed, pr3efixed, pr4efixed, prrefixed, prsefixed, prdefixed, prwfixed, pr3fixed, pr4fixed, prrfixed, prsfixed, prdfixed, prewfixed, pre3fixed, pre4fixed, prerfixed, presfixed, predfixed, predfixed, prerfixed, pretfixed, pregfixed, prevfixed, precfixed, predixed, prerixed, pretixed, pregixed, previxed, precixed, prefdixed, prefrixed, preftixed, prefgixed, prefvixed, prefcixed, prefuixed, pref8ixed, pref9ixed, prefoixed, prefjixed, prefkixed, prefuxed, pref8xed, pref9xed, prefoxed, prefjxed, prefkxed, prefiuxed, prefi8xed, prefi9xed, prefioxed, prefijxed, prefikxed, prefizxed, prefisxed, prefidxed, preficxed, prefized, prefised, prefided, preficed, prefixzed, prefixsed, prefixded, prefixced, prefixwed, prefix3ed, prefix4ed, prefixred, prefixsed, prefixded, prefixwd, prefix3d, prefix4d, prefixrd, prefixsd, prefixdd, prefixewd, prefixe3d, prefixe4d, prefixerd, prefixesd, prefixedd, prefixesd, prefixeed, prefixefd, prefixexd, prefixecd, prefixes, prefixee, prefixef, prefixex, prefixec, prefixeds, prefixede, prefixedf, prefixedx, prefixedc.


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