A nightgown is basically a comfy dress you wear for sleeping. Some people prefer pajamas, while others like nightgowns better.


A loose gown used for undress; also, a gown used for a sleeping garnment.

lingerie consisting of a loose dress designed to be worn in bed by women

A loose gown used for undress; also, a gown used for a sleeping garnment.


Night"gown` , n. A loose gown used for undress; also, a gown used for a sleeping garnment.

A loose gown used for undress; also, a gown used for a sleeping garnment.


Usage Examples

I think clothes should make you feel safe. I like clothes you want to go to sleep in. I sometimes stand in front of a mirror and change a million times because I know I really want to wear my nightgown.

Misspelled Form

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