Of or relating to or supporting Hinduism


a person who adheres to Hinduism

a native or inhabitant of Hindustan or India

of or relating to or supporting Hinduism; "the Hindu faith"

Alt. of Hindu


Usage Examples
Misspelled Form

hindoo, ghindoo, yhindoo, uhindoo, jhindoo, nhindoo, gindoo, yindoo, uindoo, jindoo, nindoo, hgindoo, hyindoo, huindoo, hjindoo, hnindoo, huindoo, h8indoo, h9indoo, hoindoo, hjindoo, hkindoo, hundoo, h8ndoo, h9ndoo, hondoo, hjndoo, hkndoo, hiundoo, hi8ndoo, hi9ndoo, hiondoo, hijndoo, hikndoo, hibndoo, hihndoo, hijndoo, himndoo, hi ndoo, hibdoo, hihdoo, hijdoo, himdoo, hi doo, hinbdoo, hinhdoo, hinjdoo, hinmdoo, hin doo, hinsdoo, hinedoo, hinfdoo, hinxdoo, hincdoo, hinsoo, hineoo, hinfoo, hinxoo, hincoo, hindsoo, hindeoo, hindfoo, hindxoo, hindcoo, hindioo, hind9oo, hind0oo, hindpoo, hindloo, hindio, hind9o, hind0o, hindpo, hindlo, hindoio, hindo9o, hindo0o, hindopo, hindolo, hindoio, hindo9o, hindo0o, hindopo, hindolo, hindoi, hindo9, hindo0, hindop, hindol, hindooi, hindoo9, hindoo0, hindoop, hindool.


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