French writer of sophisticated novels and short stories (1844-1924)


a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe

French writer of sophisticated novels and short stories (1844-1924)


Usage Examples

English people don't have very good diction. In France you have to pronounce very particularly and clearly, and learning French at an early age helped me enormously.

For years I have been going to the South of France to cool out.

I can't move back to England. My home is in France now. I'd love to but I can't. My family's all there now.

Creole is New Orleans city food. Communities were created by the people who wanted to stay and not go back to Spain or France.

A few years ago, kids from poor areas in France were asked to draw items of food. For a chicken, they drew a drumstick. For a fish, they drew a fish stick. Those are extremes, but there is a lot that needs to be done to help children discover good food.

Between France and Senegal there's a history. There's a language that we both speak. There's a culture that we share and to which both of our peoples have contributed. But beyond our history, beyond our language, beyond the links that have united us for so long, what unites us today is the future.

I have tried to lift France out of the mud. But she will return to her errors and vomitings. I cannot prevent the French from being French.

France is delighted at this new opportunity to show the world that when one has the will one can succeed in joining peoples who have been brought close by history.

Misspelled Form

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Other Usage Examples

France is a place where the money falls apart in your hands but you can't tear the toilet paper.

France is the country where the money falls apart and you can't tear the toilet paper.

France is not poetic she even feels, in fact, a congenital horror of poetry. Among the writers who use verse, those whom she will always prefer are the most prosaic.

France has a very important relationship with Germany. But that does not mean that we agree about everything or that two of our universities or companies are not going to compete.

Before you, I engage myself to serve my country with the devotion and the exemplary that this post demands. I understand responsibilities of the job and, as such, I give a republican salute to Nicolas Sarkozy who has led France for 5 years and who deserves all of our respect.

Being identified as a poet in France or Denmark or India one is greeted with gracious respect.

American high school students trail teenagers from 14 European and Asian countries in reading, math and science. We're even trailing France.

Going to war without France is like going hunting without an accordion.

France has lost the battle but she has not lost the war.


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