If something is educational, it teaches you some new information or gives you new knowledge. Listening to an organic farmer describe the process of beekeeping can be very educational.


Of or pertaining to education.

Adjective S.
providing knowledge; "an educational film"

relating to the process of education; "educational psychology"

Of or pertaining to education.


Ed`u*ca"tion*al , a. Of or pertaining to education. "His educational establishment." J. H. Newman.

Of or pertaining to education.


Usage Examples

I believe that education is all about being excited about something. Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message.

For every fresh stage in our lives we need a fresh education, and there is no stage for which so little educational preparation is made as that which follows the reproductive period.

Everyone who remembers his own education remembers teachers, not methods and techniques. The teacher is the heart of the educational system.

Educational equality doesn't guarantee equality on the labor market. Even the most developed countries are not gender-equal. There are still glass ceilings and 'leaky pipelines' that prevent women from getting ahead in the workplace.

Any place that anyone can learn something useful from someone with experience is an educational institution.

For families across the UK who are income-poor, but more than that, whose lives are blighted by worklessness, educational failure, family breakdown, problem debt and poor health, as well as other problems, giving them an extra pound - say through increased benefits - will not address the reason they find themselves in difficulty in the first place.

Educational institutes can no longer be prizes in church politics or furnish berths for failure in other walks of life.

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Other Usage Examples

How large and varied is the educational bill of fare set before every young gentleman in Great Britain and to judge by the mental stamina it affords him in most cases, what a waste of good food it is!

Head Start's ability to improve the educational skills and opportunities of Latino children will be an important component of America's future success.

Children born to teens have less supportive and stimulating environments, poorer health, lower cognitive development, and worse educational outcomes. Children of teen mothers are at increased risk of being in foster care and becoming teen parents themselves, thereby repeating the cycle.

As long as acquiring knowledge is the educational goal of schools, educational opportunities will be limited, as they are now, to affluent families.

I do not think we are ever going to be able to, for a long time, get the kind of quality of school personnel that we need in our schools, especially in the areas of science and math. One of the answers to that problem is to use more educational technology.

A variety of national and international studies indicate that the broad-based deployment of information technology can have a substantial impact on our nation's economic productivity and growth as well as the educational and social success of our citizens.

A treatment method or an educational method that will work for one child may not work for another child. The one common denominator for all of the young children is that early intervention does work, and it seems to improve the prognosis.


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