Discovered or determined by scientific observation


Adjective S.
discovered or determined by scientific observation; "variation in the ascertained flux depends on a number of factors"; "the discovered behavior norms"; "discovered differences in achievement"; "no explanation for the observed phenomena"

Adjective S.
no longer concealed; uncovered as by opening a curtain; `discovered'' is archaic and primarily a theater term; "the scene disclosed was of a moonlit forest"

imp. & p. p.
of Discover


Usage Examples

Books were my pass to personal freedom. I learned to read at age three, and soon discovered there was a whole world to conquer that went beyond our farm in Mississippi.

I discovered something amazing, which has caused a lot of controversy - the fountain of youth. I have to keep it a secret!

After a few months in my parents' basement, I took an apartment near the state university, where I discovered both crystal methamphetamine and conceptual art. Either one of these things are dangerous, but in combination they have the potential to destroy entire civilizations.

I discovered at an early age that all I've ever wanted to do is design.

I discovered early on that some performers live their life in order to act, so all their relationships are simply an experience that they can feed back into their work. Which I find vampiric.

Berry Gordy turned his house into a studio and discovered over 30 acts in the city. And we're famous all over the world.

Do the thing you fear to do and keep on doing it... that is the quickest and surest way ever yet discovered to conquer fear.

Americans have discovered fear.

Misspelled Form

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Other Usage Examples

After my pregnancy, I discovered I have an allergy to yeast. Problem is, all the food I love has yeast in it. So I have to relearn how to cook.

Even in the darkest regions, people have discovered their right of freedom.

Don't forget what I discovered that over ninety percent of all national deficits from 1921 to 1939 were caused by payments for past, present, and future wars.

His imagination conceived and bore - worlds but nothing in these worlds became alive until he discovered its true and living name. The name was the breath of life and, sooner or later, he invariably found it.

A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.

Ben Franklin may have discovered electricity- but it is the man who invented the meter who made the money.

Having soon discovered to be great, I must appear so, and therefore studiously avoided mixing in society, and wrapped myself in mystery, devoting my time to fasting and prayer.

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered the point is to discover them.

A lawyer I once knew told me of a strange case, a suffragette who had never married. After her death, he opened her trunk and discovered 50 wedding gowns.


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