Rural regions


A particular rural district; a country neighborhood.

rural regions

A particular rural district; a country neighborhood.


Coun"try*side` (-s?d`), n. A particular rural district; a country neighborhood. [Eng.] W. Black. Blackmore.

A particular rural district; a country neighborhood.


Usage Examples

The first trip I remember taking was on the train from Virginia up to New York City, watching the summertime countryside rolling past the window. They used white linen tablecloths in the dining car in those days, and real silver. I love trains to this day. Maybe that was the beginning of my fixation with leisurely modes of travel.

Well, I just said that Jesus and I were both Jewish and that neither of us ever had a job, we never had a home, we never married and we traveled around the countryside irritating people.

Misspelled Form

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Other Usage Examples

I was brought up in a very open, rural countryside in the middle of nowhere. There were no cell phones. If your lights went out, you were lit by candlelight for a good four days before they can get to you. And so, my imagination was crazy.

That image of the countryside being a threatening place still exists. People continue to resist the challenge of learning about aspects of life they don't understand.


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