Behalf means speaking or acting for someone. A parent can sign forms on behalf of children when they are young, but adult children can sign on behalf of their aging parents.


Advantage; favor; stead; benefit; interest; profit; support; defense; vindication.

as the agent of or on someone''s part (usually expressed as "on behalf of" rather than "in behalf of"); "the guardian signed the contract on behalf of the minor child"; "this letter is written on behalf of my client";

for someone''s benefit (usually expressed as `in behalf'' rather than `on behalf'' and usually with a possessive); "in your behalf"; "campaigning in his own behalf"; "spoke a good word in his friend''s behalf"

Advantage; favor; stead; benefit; interest; profit; support; defense; vindication.


Be*half" , n. [OE. on-behalve in the name of, bihalven by the side of, fr. AS. healf half, also side, part: akin to G. halb half, halber on account of. See Be-, and Half, n.] Advantage; favor; stead; benefit; interest; profit; support; defense; vindication.
In behalf of his mistress's beauty.
Against whom he had contracted some prejudice in behalf of his nation.
In behalf of, in the interest of. -- On behalf of, on account of; on the part of.

Advantage; favor; stead; benefit; interest; profit; support; defense; vindication.


Usage Examples

We are so bound together that no man can labor for himself alone. Each blow he strikes in his own behalf helps to mold the universe.

The courts cannot garnish a father's salary, nor freeze his account, nor seize his property on behalf of his children, in our society. Apparently this is because a kid is not a car or a couch or a boat.

Before I begin talking about the threats we face, the vulnerabilities that we have, and frankly the courage of the men and women in uniform that stand in harm's way on behalf of a very grateful Nation, let me first honor the sacrifices of September 11.

Opponents of capital punishment argue that the state has no right to take a murderer's life. Apparently, one fact that abolitionists forget or overlook is that the state is acting not only on behalf of society, but also on behalf of the murdered person and the murdered person's family.

The functions of the family in a highly differentiated society are not to be interpreted as functions directly on behalf of the society, but on behalf of personality.

Murder is unique in that it abolishes the party it injures, so that society has to take the place of the victim and on his behalf demand atonement or grant forgiveness it is the one crime in which society has a direct interest.

Power in defense of freedom is greater than power in behalf of tyranny and oppression.

Misspelled Form

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Other Usage Examples

Many of you are well enough off that the tax cuts may have helped you. We're saying that for America to get back on track, we're probably going to cut that short and not give it to you. We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.

While Mayor Daley surprised me today with his decision to not run for reelection, I have never been surprised by his leadership, dedication and tireless work on behalf of the city and the people of Chicago.

Clearly you need a new team to go out to bat on your behalf to fight for your rights and to report back to you personally and to the leadership of the IFP.

History has shown us that, on extraordinarily rare occasions, it becomes necessary for the federal government to intervene on behalf of individuals whose 14th Amendment rights to legal due process and equal protection may be violated by a state.

On behalf of NARAL Pro-Choice America - and our one million member activists - I am honored to be here to talk to you about what's at stake for women in 2012. I am proud to say that the Democratic Party believes that women have the right to choose a safe, legal abortion with dignity and privacy.

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

Women are a sisterhood. They make common cause in behalf of the sex and, indeed, this is natural enough, when we consider the vast power that the law gives us over them.

I have tried at every point to seek God's wisdom on the decisions I made, and I made it my business to speak up on behalf of the things God tells us are important to Him.


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