To yearn for something is to want it really bad. You might yearn for freedom or you might yearn for a perfect tamale. Usually you yearn for something or someone you can't easily get.


imp. & p. p.
of Yearn


Usage Examples

All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name.

Misspelled Form

Yearned, Yearned, earned, Yearned, Ywearned, Y3earned, Y4earned, Yrearned, Ysearned, Ydearned, Ywarned, Y3arned, Y4arned, Yrarned, Ysarned, Ydarned, Yewarned, Ye3arned, Ye4arned, Yerarned, Yesarned, Yedarned, Yeqarned, Yewarned, Yesarned, Yezarned, Yeqrned, Yewrned, Yesrned, Yezrned, Yeaqrned, Yeawrned, Yeasrned, Yeazrned, Yeaerned, Yea4rned, Yea5rned, Yeatrned, Yeafrned, Yeaened, Yea4ned, Yea5ned, Yeatned, Yeafned, Yearened, Year4ned, Year5ned, Yeartned, Yearfned, Yearbned, Yearhned, Yearjned, Yearmned, Year ned, Yearbed, Yearhed, Yearjed, Yearmed, Year ed, Yearnbed, Yearnhed, Yearnjed, Yearnmed, Yearn ed, Yearnwed, Yearn3ed, Yearn4ed, Yearnred, Yearnsed, Yearnded, Yearnwd, Yearn3d, Yearn4d, Yearnrd, Yearnsd, Yearndd, Yearnewd, Yearne3d, Yearne4d, Yearnerd, Yearnesd, Yearnedd, Yearnesd, Yearneed, Yearnefd, Yearnexd, Yearnecd, Yearnes, Yearnee, Yearnef, Yearnex, Yearnec, Yearneds, Yearnede, Yearnedf, Yearnedx, Yearnedc.

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