Exposing human folly to ridicule


Adjective S.
exposing human folly to ridicule; "a persistent campaign of mockery by the satirical fortnightly magazine"

Alt. of Satirical


Usage Examples
Misspelled Form

Satiric, Satiric, atiric, Satiric, Sqatiric, Swatiric, Ssatiric, Szatiric, Sqtiric, Swtiric, Sstiric, Sztiric, Saqtiric, Sawtiric, Sastiric, Saztiric, Sartiric, Sa5tiric, Sa6tiric, Saytiric, Sagtiric, Sariric, Sa5iric, Sa6iric, Sayiric, Sagiric, Satriric, Sat5iric, Sat6iric, Satyiric, Satgiric, Satuiric, Sat8iric, Sat9iric, Satoiric, Satjiric, Satkiric, Saturic, Sat8ric, Sat9ric, Satoric, Satjric, Satkric, Satiuric, Sati8ric, Sati9ric, Satioric, Satijric, Satikric, Satieric, Sati4ric, Sati5ric, Satitric, Satifric, Satieic, Sati4ic, Sati5ic, Satitic, Satific, Satireic, Satir4ic, Satir5ic, Satirtic, Satirfic, Satiruic, Satir8ic, Satir9ic, Satiroic, Satirjic, Satirkic, Satiruc, Satir8c, Satir9c, Satiroc, Satirjc, Satirkc, Satiriuc, Satiri8c, Satiri9c, Satirioc, Satirijc, Satirikc, Satirixc, Satiridc, Satirifc, Satirivc, Satiri c, Satirix, Satirid, Satirif, Satiriv, Satiri , Satiricx, Satiricd, Satiricf, Satiricv, Satiric .


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