If you just can't get enough popcorn, even the jumbo tub at the movie theater may not be enough to satiate, or satisfy, your desire.


p. pr. & vb. n.
of Satiate


Usage Examples
Misspelled Form

Satiating, Satiating, atiating, Satiating, Sqatiating, Swatiating, Ssatiating, Szatiating, Sqtiating, Swtiating, Sstiating, Sztiating, Saqtiating, Sawtiating, Sastiating, Saztiating, Sartiating, Sa5tiating, Sa6tiating, Saytiating, Sagtiating, Sariating, Sa5iating, Sa6iating, Sayiating, Sagiating, Satriating, Sat5iating, Sat6iating, Satyiating, Satgiating, Satuiating, Sat8iating, Sat9iating, Satoiating, Satjiating, Satkiating, Satuating, Sat8ating, Sat9ating, Satoating, Satjating, Satkating, Satiuating, Sati8ating, Sati9ating, Satioating, Satijating, Satikating, Satiqating, Satiwating, Satisating, Satizating, Satiqting, Satiwting, Satisting, Satizting, Satiaqting, Satiawting, Satiasting, Satiazting, Satiarting, Satia5ting, Satia6ting, Satiayting, Satiagting, Satiaring, Satia5ing, Satia6ing, Satiaying, Satiaging, Satiatring, Satiat5ing, Satiat6ing, Satiatying, Satiatging, Satiatuing, Satiat8ing, Satiat9ing, Satiatoing, Satiatjing, Satiatking, Satiatung, Satiat8ng, Satiat9ng, Satiatong, Satiatjng, Satiatkng, Satiatiung, Satiati8ng, Satiati9ng, Satiationg, Satiatijng, Satiatikng, Satiatibng, Satiatihng, Satiatijng, Satiatimng, Satiati ng, Satiatibg, Satiatihg, Satiatijg, Satiatimg, Satiati g, Satiatinbg, Satiatinhg, Satiatinjg, Satiatinmg, Satiatin g, Satiatinfg, Satiatintg, Satiatinyg, Satiatinhg, Satiatinbg, Satiatinvg, Satiatinf, Satiatint, Satiatiny, Satiatinh, Satiatinb, Satiatinv, Satiatingf, Satiatingt, Satiatingy, Satiatingh, Satiatingb, Satiatingv.


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