At the end of a big Thanksgiving meal, there's no doubt you'll feel satiated or have your appetite fully satisfied. In fact, that last slice of pumpkin pie might even push you into the realm of stuffed.


supplied (especially fed) to satisfaction

imp. & p. p.
of Satiate


Usage Examples
Misspelled Form

Satiated, Satiated, atiated, Satiated, Sqatiated, Swatiated, Ssatiated, Szatiated, Sqtiated, Swtiated, Sstiated, Sztiated, Saqtiated, Sawtiated, Sastiated, Saztiated, Sartiated, Sa5tiated, Sa6tiated, Saytiated, Sagtiated, Sariated, Sa5iated, Sa6iated, Sayiated, Sagiated, Satriated, Sat5iated, Sat6iated, Satyiated, Satgiated, Satuiated, Sat8iated, Sat9iated, Satoiated, Satjiated, Satkiated, Satuated, Sat8ated, Sat9ated, Satoated, Satjated, Satkated, Satiuated, Sati8ated, Sati9ated, Satioated, Satijated, Satikated, Satiqated, Satiwated, Satisated, Satizated, Satiqted, Satiwted, Satisted, Satizted, Satiaqted, Satiawted, Satiasted, Satiazted, Satiarted, Satia5ted, Satia6ted, Satiayted, Satiagted, Satiared, Satia5ed, Satia6ed, Satiayed, Satiaged, Satiatred, Satiat5ed, Satiat6ed, Satiatyed, Satiatged, Satiatwed, Satiat3ed, Satiat4ed, Satiatred, Satiatsed, Satiatded, Satiatwd, Satiat3d, Satiat4d, Satiatrd, Satiatsd, Satiatdd, Satiatewd, Satiate3d, Satiate4d, Satiaterd, Satiatesd, Satiatedd, Satiatesd, Satiateed, Satiatefd, Satiatexd, Satiatecd, Satiates, Satiatee, Satiatef, Satiatex, Satiatec, Satiateds, Satiatede, Satiatedf, Satiatedx, Satiatedc.


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