When something sags, it leans, settles, or droops. If your bed sags in the middle, it can be hard to get a good night's sleep.


imp. & p. p.
of Sag


Usage Examples
Misspelled Form

Sagged, Sagged, agged, Sagged, Sqagged, Swagged, Ssagged, Szagged, Sqgged, Swgged, Ssgged, Szgged, Saqgged, Sawgged, Sasgged, Sazgged, Safgged, Satgged, Saygged, Sahgged, Sabgged, Savgged, Safged, Satged, Sayged, Sahged, Sabged, Savged, Sagfged, Sagtged, Sagyged, Saghged, Sagbged, Sagvged, Sagfged, Sagtged, Sagyged, Saghged, Sagbged, Sagvged, Sagfed, Sagted, Sagyed, Saghed, Sagbed, Sagved, Saggfed, Saggted, Saggyed, Sagghed, Saggbed, Saggved, Saggwed, Sagg3ed, Sagg4ed, Saggred, Saggsed, Saggded, Saggwd, Sagg3d, Sagg4d, Saggrd, Saggsd, Saggdd, Saggewd, Sagge3d, Sagge4d, Saggerd, Saggesd, Saggedd, Saggesd, Saggeed, Saggefd, Saggexd, Saggecd, Sagges, Saggee, Saggef, Saggex, Saggec, Saggeds, Saggede, Saggedf, Saggedx, Saggedc.


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