The second month of the Islamic calendar


the second month of the Islamic calendar


Usage Examples
Misspelled Form

Safar, Safar, afar, Safar, Sqafar, Swafar, Ssafar, Szafar, Sqfar, Swfar, Ssfar, Szfar, Saqfar, Sawfar, Sasfar, Sazfar, Sadfar, Sarfar, Satfar, Sagfar, Savfar, Sacfar, Sadar, Sarar, Satar, Sagar, Savar, Sacar, Safdar, Safrar, Saftar, Safgar, Safvar, Safcar, Safqar, Safwar, Safsar, Safzar, Safqr, Safwr, Safsr, Safzr, Safaqr, Safawr, Safasr, Safazr, Safaer, Safa4r, Safa5r, Safatr, Safafr, Safae, Safa4, Safa5, Safat, Safaf, Safare, Safar4, Safar5, Safart, Safarf.


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