A cabal is a secret plot, or a small group of people who create such a plot. Some conspiracy theories are based on the idea that governments worldwide are in the hands of a powerful cabal.


imp. & p. p.
of Cabal


Usage Examples
Misspelled Form

Caballed, Caballed, aballed, Caballed, Cqaballed, Cwaballed, Csaballed, Czaballed, Cqballed, Cwballed, Csballed, Czballed, Caqballed, Cawballed, Casballed, Cazballed, Cavballed, Cagballed, Cahballed, Canballed, Ca balled, Cavalled, Cagalled, Cahalled, Canalled, Ca alled, Cabvalled, Cabgalled, Cabhalled, Cabnalled, Cab alled, Cabqalled, Cabwalled, Cabsalled, Cabzalled, Cabqlled, Cabwlled, Cabslled, Cabzlled, Cabaqlled, Cabawlled, Cabaslled, Cabazlled, Cabaklled, Cabaolled, Cabaplled, Caba:lled, Cabakled, Cabaoled, Cabapled, Caba:led, Cabalkled, Cabaloled, Cabalpled, Cabal:led, Cabalkled, Cabaloled, Cabalpled, Cabal:led, Cabalked, Cabaloed, Cabalped, Cabal:ed, Caballked, Caballoed, Caballped, Caball:ed, Caballwed, Caball3ed, Caball4ed, Caballred, Caballsed, Caballded, Caballwd, Caball3d, Caball4d, Caballrd, Caballsd, Caballdd, Caballewd, Caballe3d, Caballe4d, Caballerd, Caballesd, Caballedd, Caballesd, Caballeed, Caballefd, Caballexd, Caballecd, Caballes, Caballee, Caballef, Caballex, Caballec, Caballeds, Caballede, Caballedf, Caballedx, Caballedc.


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